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2017 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2017. Universals and variation in clausal complementation. Talk given at the workshop "Linguistic Knowledge and Patterns of Variation", Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Complementation
Restructuring Signature
Implicational hierarchy
Clause size
Language variation
2016 Wurmbrand, Susi. Semantic and formal agreement features—Evidence from nominal ellipsis in German. Talk given at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 49), Naples, Italy.

Girls, glasses, and you — The distribution of formal vs. semantic agreement. Talk given at Generative Grammatik des Südens (GGS), Leipzig, Germany.
Semantic, formal agreement
Agreement mismatches
Agreement hierarchy
Gender mismatch nouns
Polite pronouns
Pluralia tantum
Slides of the GGS talk
2016 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2016. Trying my best to control implicitly. Invited talk given at a workshop on control, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. Control
Implicit arguments
Visser's Generalization
Link to workshop
2016 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2016. Restructuring as the regulator of clause size. Invited talk given at the Workshop on shrinking trees, Leipzig, Germany. Restructuring
Clause size
Link to workshop
2016 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2016. Agreement in nominal ellipsis: Consequences for the Agreement Hierarchy and the direction of Agree. Invited talk given at a workshop on Agreement. Frankfurt, Germany. Agree systems
Case, agreement systems
Downward valuation
Semantic agreement
PF agreement
Link to workshop
Slides (pdf)
2015 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2015. Fake indexicals, feature sharing, and the importance of gendered relatives. Colloquium talk, MIT. Binding
Fake indexicals
Agreement mismatches
2015 Todorović, Neda and Wurmbrand, Susi. 2015. Da da da—(In)Finite possibilities—Restructuring the tense and aspect domainsFake indexicals. Talks given at ZAS, Berlin and Göttingen, Germany. Finiteness
Clause size
Types of complementation
FDSL draft
2012 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2012. Agree(ment): Looking up or looking down? Lecture given in Agreement Seminar, MIT. Agree (upward, reverse)
Downward valuation
Parasitic morphology
Morphological selection
Semantic agreement
2012 Wurmbrand, Susi. 2012. The timing of Merge: Deriving certain clause-linking mismatches. Talk given at a Workshop on (Mis)matches in clause linkage, ZAS, Berlin, Germany. Embedded root phenomena
Clausal integration
Merge at Transfer
1999 Bobaljik, Jonathan and Susi Wurmbrand. 1999. Modals, raising, and A-reconstruction. Talk given at Leiden University, the Netherlands. A-reconstruction
Scope trapping
Raising, control
Restructuring material
Last updated: October 2016 Restructuring across the world: the data Data collection
2016 What restructuring is and isn't Misconceptions
2016 Claim, decide, try: Different cross-linguistically Summary table
2003 Corpus search on long passive in German Some results